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I have been diagnosed with stage 2 glioma/astrocytoma (brain cancer). I would love to find some good blogs from people who have gone through the treatment and experience of brain cancer, but I've been having trouble with the search. Links would be much appreciated! I've looked at "Blog for a Cure" and there are few that are updated. I've found more by googling but many are inapplicable. Thanks in advance for your help.
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A woman spoke at the TED 2010 Conference. Can't remember her name. It was very inspiring and also may have data you need. I am sure she has a blog.

Good luck and good juju : )
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MeFi's own mathowie has some blog entries about his tumor. Being mostly benign, his is in a different category, but it's a good start, and it might well be worth memailing him about it.

(mr. haughey, please do let me apologize for shilling you without actually having met you)
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She doesn't chronicle every single detail of treatment, but Lie of the Mind is funny, candid and irreverent about the totality of her brain tumor experience. She had surgery recently and is going through chemo right now with pretty regular updates.

Best wishes for beating that bastard tout de suite!
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This askme has a couple links.
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Journalist Ivan Noble wrote about his brain tumor experience, but unfortunately he didn't make it in the end.
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An Inconvenient Tumor followed the glioma diagnosis and treatment of Bryan Bishop by his then-fiancee Christie. I had to backtrack to find it because I couldn't remember the name, and it kind of abruptly stops being updated in September, but Bryan (who is a sound engineer for Adam Carolla) is tweeting and working so the blog must have just petered out once the major treatment phase was over.
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You might try looking at the web site of the UCLA School of Medicine ( I used to work in the Pathology lab there and the doctors teams had some really great support for patients.
posted by effluvia at 3:29 PM on April 21, 2011 I pasted the link for Medline Plus, the National Institute of Health web page. They are also a great resource for finding information and support.
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I don't have any blogs to share, but wanted to let you know that I've had three friends with brain tumors (all around the same time no less), and all of them are absolutely fine today, even one who had a terrible kind in a terrible part of the brain. Cancer treatment is really amazing these days.
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The author of this book is a brain cancer survivor. Although the book is not specifically about brain cancer, he does talk about his experience with it. Also, have you seen this organization's site? They may have information about blogs, etc.

Good luck with your treatment.
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Sean Baptiste keeps an amazing blog about his recovery from multiple brain surgeries here: .
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The Liz Army
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A little late to the game, but I just came across this question.

A friend of mine who had(!) a brain tumor blogged about his experience - fortunately, there's not a lot of updating to do at the moment. :)

Goliath and I
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