What's the song with drunken mumblin'?
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I'm looking for a song. The first verse goes: "Mmbla mmblah blah buh..."

I was on a 'party bus' in Aruba and the busdriver announced: "Any drunk guys here? This is your song - Sing along!" He played a song where the 'lyrics' were essentially drunken mumbling. I'm not sure if the song would be considered reggaeton, but that seemed to be a popular genre to listen to.

The song is not "Mnah Mnah," and by way of comparison, the mumbling is much less like scat (not quite as clever and rhythmic).

Also, the version I listened to had a brief section with some rapping in english, if I remember correctly it was just a throw down of some old school "to the hip hop to the hippity hop."

Definitely a novelty song, but it was super catchy and I wants it.
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I'm not at all sure from your description, but was it Asereje ("The Ketchup Song")? This page has a link to a midi -- no words, but you can hear the tune.
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Alas, now I feel pretty sure that is not it, unless you were hearing a cover version. Oh well. Male singers?
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Response by poster: A guttural male voice singing, and driving, bassy beat, something you would hear in the same club that might play 'Gasolina'.
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Perhaps it was Clark Terry singing "Mumbles"
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Response by poster: Closer, but it is definitely a modern sounding song... Something you could really stomp your feet to.
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I'm sure it's not it, but Clinic's song "The Second Line" is all nonsense lyrics and a good beat (but not gutteral or particularly bassy). It's a cool track, anyway...
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Answered here nearly a year later.
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