Help me find a hat!
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Good summer hat for city wear?

I'm looking for a women's hat to wear this summer. I'm not sure if what I want even exists, but if it does, AskMe will be the place to find it.

It needs to be fairly casual (so it can't be a 'picture hat' or something you'd wear to the races), but I don't really want a baseball cap. I live in Europe and baseball caps are not that common here, nor really considered 'city wear'. I want the hat for sun protection, too, so a bigger brim than a baseball cap is a must.

Until now I've always put health before style and worn a fisherman's hat but as I near the 40 mark it's no longer cute, just dowdy.

I usually wear a t-shirt with jeans or a skirt, if that helps. (And yes I wear sunblock too, but I am very fair-skinned and need a physical sunblock as well as a chemical one.)
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Tilley is kind of the gold standard for this.

Here in the US I'm able to find a wide variety of good looking hats with wide brims, built-in UPF factors, ventilation, packability etc. at outdoors stores like REI.
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How about a less funky fisherman's hat?
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How about a Floppy Summer Hat? I have a similar hat in brown, and I love it. They sell them everywhere, I was at TJ Maxx the other day, and they had a whole wall of similar hats.
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Sunday Afternoon ships internationally and has lots of UV protective casual hats. I like this one. But the one I have is the more traditional beach hat, I think.
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I just got a couple of "Flora Bella" hats, liking the designs, and that is of minimal help because now I can't find them for sale on the web. FWIW, they were this in a beige/brown mix, and this. Would you like something like this Grace Hats "brown grosgrain trim 'Elle' straw hat" on Bluefly. Helen Kaminski makes lovely, albeit not cheap, summer hats. I have a Puffin Gear hat I like, but it looks like it might be a bit hard to find on-line -- but the styles might give you some search terms?
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You can't beat a Panama for style and sun protection.
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I like the Coolibar and Solartex hats - they have UV protection and breathe well in the summer. Some cover too much but some are quite stylish.
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