I'm feeling lucky with chrome custom search leaves me feeling decidely unlucky
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How do I use I'm Feeling Lucky with Chrome Custom Search and ALWAYS get the first result, not a list? I've googled my heart out. Some searches work, others give me regular results. I always want the first result.

I want to use a chrome custom search engine to give me easy access to I'm feeling lucky. What I want to do is type "l " and get the first search result for immediately. No list of possibilities.

Going to "chrome://settings/searchEngines" I put in "http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=%s&btnI=I%27m+Feeling+Lucky&aq=f&oq=" as a custom search engine. This works if I type in something like "l something" I get something awful. However, if I type in "l goblin camp phpbb2" I get a normal list of results. I want the first search result.

I appreciate any help on this. Please make sure you test anything you suggest, as I've googled my heart out and tried a lot of ideas. navclient apparently isn't allowed as a custom search engine, and %btnI=whatever doesn't seem to help anything.
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I'm pretty sure this happens on Google's end. If none of the results has a very high page rank and relevance, you'll get the normal results page instead of the redirect.

If you always want a redirect, every single time, you probably have to cook something up in Grease Monkey or equivalent.
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