Cheap bike repair in Austin
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Please recommend for me a down-and-dirty bike shop in Austin.

I'm in Austin this week, visiting my mom with my wife and kids. I have 2 road bikes here in my Mom's garage that we'd love to ride if they were fixed up. One just really needs a tune, the other needs a more substantial rebuild/replaced parts, etc. I'd like to find a bike shop that would do this work for me on the cheap, since we'll only use these bikes a couple times a year. Used parts would be great. I'm thinking this is not a job for a big established bike store, looking for the opposite, the closer to Rosedale the better. Thanks!
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Best answer: Clown Dog is the bike shop you're asking for.
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If your in S. Austin I'd recommend Tsunami Cycles.
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Best answer: East Side Pedal Pushers, on East Fifth St.
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Best answer: I can definitely 2nd East Side Pedal Pushers - it's definitely the "down and dirty" you request.
Ozone Bike Shop is closer to Rosedale - it's definitely a bigger store, but the crew who works there has always been really reasonable when I had them work on my bike.
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Response by poster: Brought the bikes to Clown Dog, but the (very nice) guy there said he was so swamped he couldn't even give me an estimate for 4 days or so. So I brought the bikes to ESPP, where James was very helpful, took a close look at both bikes and gave me a very reasonable estimate. Thanks for the recommendations!
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