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Which Treadmill Desk?

Yes, we read the NYT article about how sitting kills. My husband and I have been thinking about getting one for a while and the article just prompted us to take the next step. We know there are many DIY versions out there but we are not looking to do that for various reasons. We are considering the Signature 9000 Treadmill Desk and Signature Sit2Stand Treadmill Desk. Anyone has any first or second-hand experience with either machine, or with the company's products? Your opinion would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Best answer: There is a website called Office Walkers (sorry can't link right now) that might be able to give you more info if you don't get a lot of reviews here. I set mine up DIY and haven't set it back up again after I moves but obliged it and can't wait to start it up again soon!
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Wow, gotta love that autocorrect! Moves = moved and obliged = I loved.
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Response by poster: Thanks for site - and I was wondering about that sentence - especially since English is not my native language :)
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Just to play devils advocate, isn't walking on a treadmill going to be distracting when you are going to do work? I mean, scientists use body movement in some control groups as it takes your mind off the task at hand. Con artists do as well because the physical movement is confusing when trying to do higher level reasoning. It's a myth that humans can multitask.

And that article is more than misleading. Sitting doesn't kill you. Don't use this as the push to make the decision to spend $2000 on a fad. Go to a gym and use a treadmill and try to do some business on a ipad or your cell or just think about some work problems requiring details. It won't be easy.
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I think the goal is to keep moving throughout the day. I've tried to play games and things while doing a brisk walk at the gym and it is indeed not easy.

Which is why you would do a slower walk on a treadmill desk. Just being upright and taking steps is worlds better than being seated and still. These aren't quacks, they're physicians at the Mayo Clinic who study these issues, have labs and do tests. I know you were just playing devil's advocate though, that's good.
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Yes, you only walk at a 1.5 to 2 mph pace, almost like walking in place. I found that it actually helped me focus better when I was doing it regularly.
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