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Please tell me about games which involve online messageboards/online forums!

I'm curious about games that take place on and through online message boards/online forums (e.g. I believe some people play Mafia/Werewolf through messageboards and online forums). If there other games via other platform, e.g. social media like Twitter, that primarily use online discussion as the game format, I'd be interested in those two.

BONUS points for :

1) card games (offline/online)
2) games that guide story-building and/or effective discussion/debate about policy issues within a community/organization.
3) academic papers and design documents

Thanks very much for any leads, Hive Mind!
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A search term to help you: ARG (alternative reality game)
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Well, there is forumwarz but I suspect this isn't really what you're looking for - forumwarz is more of a parody of internet message boards, wrapped up into a turn-based game. It's kind of unique but really not what you're after I think.

The kind of thing you really want is something like geocaching - it's online, driven by messageboards and suchlike, but ulitmately involves a physical world type game.

The other thing you might want to investigate is the online puzzles that game designers throw out as either teasers or to solve things nobody else has managed. KOL example, Valve example.
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One could also that a lot of the action in EVE Online takes place in the forums...
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See also play by post.
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Examples I've seen:

"Guess the location": someone posts a photo of some place. Responders post where they think it's located. OP says they're wrong or right, maybe posts hints. First correct answerer then posts next photo.

"Survival": starts with a list of names, each assigned a health pool (say, 100 pts). Once a day, responders can post a name to have a point deducted from that name's health.

"Werewolf game": description and rules. I don't really understand it, but I see similar threads on many forums.
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Check out the xkcd forum games section for lots of examples.
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Oh boy, do you want to check out Nomic. One game of it (Agora) has been running via mailing lists for 18 years now.
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I'm a mod on a D&D play-by-post board d20 World Of Greyhawk; we've been around for well over ten years and it's a great community. I quite like that they've started allowing space for non-Greyhawk games; we have a Call of Cthulhu game running, a Firefly/Serenity game about to start, some D&D 4E, and others. There's a lot of emphasis on storytelling, but within the framework of some game rules so that there's no "powergaming".
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Pretty much all the individual game forums on Board Game Geek have subforums called "Play By Forum" (example) allowing people to play each other that way. I haven't really explored this very much, but I thought it was pretty cool. I would imagine some games lend themselves to this format more easily than others.
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As the first post suggested, ARGs might be an interesting place for you to look; a good place to start would be the Unfiction Forums which generally keep a tab on all current ARGs.

Another example might be the SCP wiki. Although the site is really a collaborative work of horror fiction, several examples on the site (for example, SCP-914 and SCP-682) involve sections where other writers are encouraged to contribute their own 'experiments' and results, building on the fiction of the original. Not exactly a game, but perhaps still useful.
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