"Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" by Betty Edwards - Materials list?
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My wife is planning on learning to draw from the book "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" by Betty Edwards. I'd like to surprise her with a box with all the materials that are needed to complete the course but I can't get the book away from her for long enough without her being suspicious. I've tried google but no luck. Does any one have or can direct me to a list of the materials needed? Thanks
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Best answer: The author/publishers sell a portfolio/kit with all the necessary materials.
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On Amazon, you can click on "Look Inside!", then search for "materials," to look at the page with a list of needed materials.
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Just wanted to say that this is an awesome surprise :-) Nice drawing materials are always appreciated and it's a great how to draw book.
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Check it out from the library?
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If you haven't seen it already she has a great book on color theory.
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Best answer: I have The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, which has a longer material list than the two first editions:
  • Inexpensive bond typing paper or a pad of inexpensive drawing paper.
  • A pencil (the author recommends a #4B, but a number 2 is ok).
  • A piece of clear plastic, about 8" x 10" and 1/16" thick. A piece of glass with taped edges is fine. Use a permanent marker to draw a horizontal and a vertical line crossing at the center of the plane.
  • Two viewfinders, made of black cardboard, about 8" x 10". From one, cut a rectangular opening of 4 1/4" x 5 1/4" and from the other, a larger opening of 6" x 7 3/4".
  • A nonpermanent black felt/tip marker.
  • Two clips to fasten the viewfinders to the plastic picture plane. The end result should look like this.
  • A graphite stick, #4b.
  • Masking tape.
  • A hand-held pencil sharpener.
  • An eraser, such as "Pink Pearl" or a white plastic eraser.
  • Something to use as a drawing board, such as a breadboard or cardboard, about 15" x 18". And more clips to fasten the drawing paper to it.
There are some exercises, later on the book, that use colored pencils and paper and pastel colors.

This is a great gift idea! I'd love to receive something like this.
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Best answer: Clearlydemon's list sounds like a great kit. I'd only add:
- get a bunch of pencils and graphite sticks. Multiples. That way the supplies won't be so precious that she won't need to feel conservative. (assuming, of course, that she's dedicated enough that the minor additional expense wouldn't be wasted).
- white staedtler erasers, for sure. Maybe one of those gummy erasers, too, but I'd avoid the pink pearls. The white ones are my favourite.
- You should be able to get big, cheap pads of newsprint and cartridge paper from an art supply store. Big like bigger than 11x17. Big paper means you can draw from the shoulder and elbow more easily, as opposed to drawing from the wrist. And cheap means it's not precious, which again is important.
- for drawing surfaces, pop into a hardware store and grab a sheet of MDF/hardboard (I forget what it's called) - should be cheaper than grabbing it from an art store, and you can have it cut to the perfect size.
- something to shove all your supplies in. A pencil case and perhaps an inexpensive, basic portfolio to keep the paper and drawing board together.
- if she hasn't already, look into life drawing courses (or simply basic drawing courses) at a nearby college, maybe community centre.

Awesome gift idea! Good luck!

On preview, I realize I'm describing more of a beginner's drawing toolkit than something specific to DOTRSOTB. But hey, couldn't hurt! :D
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