Retired spy, looking for some movies to watch
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I really like spy movies where the main character is trying to retire/extricate themselves from The Company. I've seen a bunch from the library, but which ones have I missed?

All-time favorites:

→ Hopscotch
→ Spy Game
→ Bourne Identity/Supremacy/Ultimatum

Just-watched and enjoyed:


Not a lot of parameters here, just looking for spies who don't want to play the game anymore, but must one last time. Oh, ok, it doesn't have to be a spy, and other agencies (MI6, KGB, etc.) are welcome as well—any other professionals who have similar trouble would work just fine. Thank you for your suggestions!

Book suggestions welcome also.
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Best answer: The American
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Best answer: The Prisoner
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Best answer: The Prisoner
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John Le Carre's The Spy Who Came in from the Cold is probably the progenitor of this espionage subgenre. There's a movie adaptation from 1965 starring Richard Burton, but the novel is far superior.
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Best answer: The Firm
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Best answer: Also John Le Carre's Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy starring Alec Guinness.
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Response by poster: Excellent suggestions so far, thanks!

I'll add that I've enjoyed the Mike Franks story arc on NCIS too. TV shows welcome.
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Best answer: The Billion Dollar Brain
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The President's Analyst, which includes the best twist on The Company ever.
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Best answer: The Eiger Sanction - professional assassin so not quite a spy, but it's Clint Eastwood!

Casino Royale - spoof of Bond coming out of retirement.

Enemy of the State - Gene Hackman's character comes out of retirement/hiding.

For TV Burn Notice, has burned/retired spies.
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Best answer: Definitely The Prisoner as others have mentioned (disclaimer: I have only seen the original series, not the recent remake), Scorpio, The Black Windmill, Three Days of Condor, Enemy of the State, The Constant Gardener (The character is technically a government official and not a spy, but it's a superb film).
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Best answer: Oldie but goodie -- Three Days of the Condor.
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Not a movie, but the Spooks/MI-5 BBC series is excellent. There are several regular characters that suffer with their job choice and duties, and we get to watch how those situations get resolved.
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Best answer: This is not quite what you are asking for, but someone on Metafilter got me to watch Sandbaggers and I loved it. I feel the need to pay it forward.
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wittgenstein, where did you see Sandbaggers? I ask because your link to the Netflix page lists it as unavailable, both on dvd and for instant viewing.

Also, OP: this isn't a movie, but the comic book series Queen & Country (which was inspired by Sandbaggers) is all about British spies, some of whom are often considering retirement.
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In the same 70s paranoia/conspiracy vein as Three Days of the Condor, The Parallax View. If you can tolerate Warren Beatty's 70s hair.
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Nushustu -- I actually got all three seasons from Netflix and watched them this year. That's really weird. Maybe they are getting new copies of them?
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This is an interesting piece on how John Drake became The Prisoner's Number Six (if you accept these are the same character).

Maybe slightly spoilerish, but that page lists a couple of episodes where Drake begins to doubt his superiors.

Just watch that whole show. McGoohan is fantastic.
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Alias! TV show, not a movie. Basic premise? Jennifer Garner thinks she's working for the good guys, but she finds out that she's actually working for the bad guys, so she joins the real good guys, and then she goes back to work with the bad guys--most of whom think they're actually good guys--pretending that she doesn't know they're actually bad guys in order to take them down. Ha!
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Best answer: Sneakers! Robert Redford's character is technically an ex-superhacker turned computer security expert, but when the NSA requests that he and his team recover a universal codebreaker, they engage in some very spylike hijinks -- kidnappings, impersonations, puzzle solving, double crosses, the works. It reminds me a lot of the Mission: Impossible movies, actually, and was pretty funny, too.
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This is sort of left-field, but the tv show "Burn Notice" has a lot of those themes, but from the opposite angle. At least it's the same from the "untangling a web of hidden motives and agendas" standpoint. It's not the best show in the world, but might poke the spot you are looking for.
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Got a problem? Odds against you? Call the Equalizer.
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Smiley's People, the follow-up to Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, is also very good. Love, love Alec Guiness in this.
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Best answer: Smiley’s People is epitome in the context of who both men were. A duel dualism of extrication/ retirement. The Russia House involves the best of extrication but does not fit the criteria. (most good ES stories involve this plot line in one form or another)
I will add Harry Palmer, for irony and for who I think you would get a kick out of.

The Cutout, by Francine Mathews. She was an analyst with Central Intelligence. Extrication with a twisty twist.

Not quite the criteria again, but The Poet Game by Salar Abdoh is chilling, a tough starter for a read.
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duh, The Company. Molina is great in that.
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Response by poster: I thought of two other movies that fit my criteria but aren't spy flicks: Out of the Past and A History of Violence.
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Response by poster: (Oh, and I've marked as best answer the movies I've seen before but couldn't think of while writing the question, and also good suggestions after I watch the movie. =o)
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No Way Out
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Response by poster: I'll add The Tourist to the list.
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