Do you have a wicked source for laptop parts?
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I've got a busted up Dell Mini 9. Can you help me source a few parts?

I recently got a pretty well abused dell mini 9 off craigslist for the bargain price of free. The SSD died, and the lady had taken it to a local repair shop...who are a bunch of idiots. When she got it back, it did nothing, and so that's how it became mine.

Upon opening it, it's apparent that the shop took it apart completely for some stupid reason instead of just pulling the SSD. During part of that disassembly, they pulled the ribbon cable out of the power button and didn't know how to put it back, so they superglued it in, wrecking the power button and the cable. There is also physical damage to the power button--it is NOT going to work correctly, there will be no fixing it.

The screws in the SSD are also all stripped completely.

As I said, the machine wouldn't even turn on when I got it, but upon taking it apart and investigating that stupid switch, we were able to short the power switch and get it to power on---and it's just throwing an HD error, bad SSD.

So I've got the new SSD sourced, no problems there. I need a new power button assembly and I wouldn't mind suggestions about how to get these stripped ass screws out. I've got broken screw extractors, but nothing that small.

I can post pics if it would be helpful.

TL;DR: I need a new power button assembly for a Dell Mini 9 and suggestions on how to remove stripped screws from the SSD. (I suppose I need the screws too, they're not normal laptop screws.)

and yea, I could probably go through dell parts, but I'm hoping to avoid the premium they charge for everything. I also don't have a part number.
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The cap of a hard drive screw is typically not flush with the surface, there is a cap. If that is the case, just use a very grippy needlenose to grab the side of the button cap and twist the screw.

If your screws are flush or sunk, your best bet is to try to cut a slot in them with a diamond wheel for a dremel, or to glue a sacrificial bit to them with epoxy, or some other ugly trick. If you do any grinding, cover the rest of the machine with paper to catch stray metal.

If you are patient, you can watch eBay for auctions like this one and get the switch cheap by reselling all the unnecessary plastics.
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Response by poster: The slot idea is a good one. These screws are pretty wrecked.

I did find this video for a new switch mod, I suppose I should dig through mouser or digikey to find a momentary toggle switch of appropriate size.
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You know, you might also be able to remove the superglue with superglue remover (acetone/nail polish remover) and re-insert the FFC.
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Seconding ebay.
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Also, I would make sure I found out what repair shop she took it to and avoid it like the plague.
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In my opinion it might end up cheaper just to buy a new mini 9 from ebay or something like that .
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