Southern California Mystery Building
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What is this ocean side Southern California building?

It's within a circularly graded piece of land, surrounded by three fences (two of which are unusual) and there is nothing around it. Even stranger is that just north of it is a grid of named city streets with building lots demarcated but virtually no buildings.

On one hand this can't be too secret of a place since its plainly visible and a half mile from a YMCA camp but at the same time this piece of property must be worth a small fortune.
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It's a decommissioned HF direction finding site, known to the military as "The Elephant Cage," and it's on the site of the Silver Strand Training Complex (SSTC, pronounced "stick").
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It may be this?

The address seems to match, or be very close, and there seems to be an anchor on display in the back yard.
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Or.. i could be completely wrong. :]
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it's an elephant cage antenna array
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Thanks much for indulging my curiosity.
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interesting. so how does it function now since the wiki site says it's decommissioned?
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It's currently used as classrooms for military courses.
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