What non-teaching jobs are available for a potentially laid off teacher?
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My government has made severe cuts in education, due to that and the fact I'm only in my 2nd year of teaching the probability that I would be laid off is very high. I have a sociology degree and an education degree, but I'm struggling any job that asks for either.

Google failed me, when I search 'what can you do with an education degree?' the jobs listed always require a lot of experience. Since I'm a fairly new teacher my experience is not really there yet and it's difficult to find job postings related to my skills. I'm very disheartened since i love my job, and it's devastating putting all that work into school knowing I can't even use my skills. I just need help thinking outside the box, I need to pay the darn bills and any suggestions would be much appreciated!

(Note: I'm not in a position to teach overseas at the moment)
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Is there a freeze on hiring substitute teachers? I know sometimes that happens during budget cuts, but if not you should definitely consider substituting. You may feel it is a little beneath you, but the important thing is that it keeps you on the radar of the local principals and administrators in the event a full-time teaching position does come up.
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You could teach pre-school. The more upscale schools usually require their teachers to have a college degree.
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Response by poster: There is a freeze on subs right now, i would be more then happy to do that if I could!
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English as a second language. You could even do some traveling.
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Oops, missed that can't go overseas caveat, but there are still many local ESL schools in some areas.
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Do you have a masterʻs degree? If so, you can teach at a community college. Community colleges got a lot of stimulus money and are hiring. (I know, I am faculty at one.)
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I'm struggling any job that asks for either

Stop looking for jobs that ask for either. These aren't really the kinds of subjects that are "Asked for" outside of academic jobs; instead they're the kind whose skills are asked for.

Look for jobs that require things like data analysis, working with people, writing (assuming you did that as part of your degrees), ability to present evidence and argue persuasively, ability to convey new information etc.

As for the jobs you find requiring more experience, the way these listings usually work is that they suggest an ultimate goal: You have an education degree? Be the minister of education!! Ok, obviously you can't run out and be the minister of education, but if that's the direction you want to head in, find out what the stepping stones to minister of education are and get a job doing one of those.
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Do you need health insurance/benefits? If no, tutoring could be an option.
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It's getting to the point where it's almost too late, but if you need a job right now, you can try calling around to different summer programs. I work at a summer camp that only hires certified teachers as lead instructors, and I know there are plenty of programs that either only hire teachers or would like to hire as many teachers as possible.
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Curriculum writing.
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