What should I do with my unlimited bandwidth?
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What should I do with my unlimited bandwidth?

The building that houses my small business is attached to a fibre SONET. On this connection, our service provider can (theoretically) supply us with enough bandwidth to run a massive Google-like data center.

We'd like to either monetize the bandwidth, or sell the building. The problem is, many internet-based services (hosting, ISP, backup, etc.) are commodities with hundreds of entrenched competitors. Our finances won't allow us to go toe-to-toe with the Fortune 500.

So, Mefites. What would you do with unlimited bandwidth on a relative shoestring?
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What would I do? Become a bit-torrent hero.

But there's no money in it.
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Ask archive.org if they want to set up a mirror site maybe?
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Raw bandwidth isn't worth a lot by itself. I mean, why would I buy it from you? You don't have a proper data center with air conditioning or power backup. Most downtown centers are crawling with fiber. The building I'm in has a 100mbps fiber line to one of our tenants and the company that offers that can offer it, or more, to me.

Monetize it? Well, whats your monthly cost for unmetered 100mbps? Or unmetered 200 or even 1gbs? The world certainly can use better image hosts. With proper unobtrusive ads you might be able to make some decent cash. MrGrim from reddit started imgur.com with a very small cash investment but a large time investment. Do you have development resources?

I'd also love to see a reliable URL shortening service, especially one that was fast and made a promise to give up its database if it ever goes broke. Or one incorporated as a non-profit.
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