Seeking side job to earn $400-500/mo.
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How to earn extra $400-500/mo. with limited hours and 8-5 job? Specifally, seeking good at-home/on the side or Saturday/Sunday A.M. job ideas.

Seeking to earn an extra $400-500/mo.

I work an 8-5 job as an entry-level professional. My evenings are usually chock full of other things I need to take care of, so I'd like a job that was a good stay-at-home job, something on the side (tutoring is a possibility, but I don't feel like I have any amazing test skills or anything, though I had great grades in college, not sure if I would feel comfortable teaching a subject?), or something on the weekend, preferably Saturday and Sunday mornings.

I don't have any special talents like dance, piano, web design, that I could hock for cash. I am, however, smart and organized.

Consulting work is out due to a pretty strict contract with my primary employer.

I have worked retail before, just not sure if the hours would mesh (or seeking an industry that would fit my preferences - i.e., a store that was open early in the morning on Saturday or Sunday?). I have no restaurant experience but am open to the idea.

I've trawled through plenty of threads on AskMeFi about this subject, but just poking around specifically for ideas that would mesh with my time preferences of weekend mornings or at-home work.
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I got a job at a hotel desk working Saturday and Sunday mornings, checking people in/out and answering phones. It was a higher end hotel, so the work was relatively easy and came with decent pay. I found the job through a temp agency, so you might try getting with them and explaining what you desire to help them place you.
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Leapforce or Lionbridge internet search assessor positions. Google 'em.
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Does anyone have any experience with leapforce or lionbridge. A cursory google for them shows them as being scammy.
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I've known people who clean businesses as their second jobs. One cleans clubhouses at local golf clubs in the mornings on the weekends and office buildings in the evenings. The other cleans bars after closing (so, early mornings depending on your state's laws).

Maybe look in the phone book or google "janitorial services".
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half-answer: is it possible for you to give up your car?

other half-answer: even if you don't have traditional "talents", you can probably turn your hobbies into jobs if other people share your interest. For example, there are hikers/rock climbers who serve as local guides on the weekends (and these aren't grizzled hardcore types, they're just personable and enjoy hiking with other people).
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I was going to suggest tutoring. If you know/are comfortable with basic college math, e.g. calculus and linear algebra, you can do pretty well.
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TheBones: yes, I have experience with them. They're not scams.
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I knew people who had waitressing jobs just Sat and Sun mornings, since that breakfast shift is quite hard for restaurants to fill.

As for stay-at-home work, what about editing/proof-reading? Do you have those skills? Stick something up around your local universities and community colleges offering to proof dissertation manuscripts or something and/or try any publishers around the place. I did this for a couple of years - I'd get one manuscript every few weeks, and charged $300-$600, depending on how much time it took.
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Does anyone have any experience with leapforce or lionbridge. A cursory google for them shows them as being scammy.
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I worked for Leapforce for a while. Pay's ok but there was almost never any work to be done when I was available (evenings and weekends) to do it. You also have to account for every minute you work for them which is a pain. I'd consider a lot of other things before I'd do search engine evaluation again. If your test scores are good, consider teaching with Kaplan or the Princeton Review. I used to teach ACT classes and they were either in the evening or on Saturday mornings.
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A paper route at 4 AM could probably turn that kind of cash. Back in my 2nd job days I made at least that much in a month delivering pizzas 3 nights a week.
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Many group homes do a once a month shift. $400ish is definitely in the ballpark range for a one weekend a month commitment.
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I work for Leapforce. Not scammy.
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I worked for Crossmark doing demos in Walmarts on the weekends. You could try finding a transcription service if you want to work from home. You usually get paid per minute of audio tha tyour are able to type.
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