Canadian Election returns in Austin?
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Where can I watch the Canadian Federal Election in a bar/coffeshop in Austin, TX?

Anywhere will do. I've made a bit of a tradition of watching the election returns in Canada, and this is the first time I'll be out of the country.
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i totally don't know austin, and my first thought was that the only right answer was "on your couch in front of your laptop". But i decided to google, and it looks like if you are willing to make it a road trip, that you could go to The Maple Leaf pub in Houston.
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From this previously and my foggy memories of the last 3 Canadian elections, it's very likely that C-SPAN will simulcast CBC's election coverage.
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I don't think that any bars will be playing it by their own idea, but if you can get together a group of people who want to watch it, you could probably convince a low-traffic bar with a TV to play it (I don't know of any coffee shops in town I've been to that have TVs). Maybe Sidebar? I think of them because they play Project Runway, which is not a typical bar thing to show on TV.
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