Can you help ID this mysterious piece of electronic music?
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Can you identify this (seemingly) misidentified piece of electronic music? It's supposedly by Marumari and is called "Kid Icarus Fight", but I am pretty sure that's incorrect...

I've had this as an MP3 for many years - probably since the late 90s. I cannot track it down on anything actually released by Marumari (a musician from Providence RI). I would love to know who it actually is. Google searches just lead me in circles - it seems as if many people over the years have assumed it's Marumari, but it's not listed anywhere "official" or with decent description of its source. (I know there is an old Nintendo video game called Kid Icarus, and maybe this piece is an interpretation of some music from that game.)
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I could be wrong but this sounds like an Autechre track. I don't know which but it remind me of Doctrine and some of their other works.
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Have you tried MusicBrainz or EchoNest to see if they can fingerprint it?
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JaredSeth - yikes, whoever it is, it's definitely not Autechre.

Musicbrainz has it listed as Marumari, for what it's worth.
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Guys, Marumari's email address is right on his website, so I wrote him and asked. His response:
Hi Jesse,
Yes I did do Kid Icarus fight.
It has samples from a bunch of different stuff including kid icarus.
So there you have it.
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Response by poster: Weird- I emailed him as well but got no response. Thanks!
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