New apartment + new kitty?
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I will be moving house soon and am interested in adding a (second) cat to my household. How to minimize trauma for the cat I already have?

I'm moving, with a cat. Once I arrive, I would like to adopt a second cat. The reason I'm waiting until then is that the move will involve a 12-hour drive, and I don't want to inflict that upon a new cat unnecessarily. But how much time should I allow between these two events?

My cat will be 1.5 years old when I move, and he's stayed at my parents' house on a few occasions and seemed to settle in fine. But he is not good at traveling. On one hand, it seems like a lot for my kitty to deal with all at once. On the other, maybe it's easier that way - if he wouldn't feel as territorial about the apartment, having only just moved in? Of course I wouldn't get a second cat on move-in day, but after everything's unpacked, a few days later.

I saw this question, but the answers are mostly pretty puppy-specific.

(I understand that cat photos often help with this type of question. Here is Major when I first got him, and here he is now.)
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I think the best answer anyone can give this is that it depends on your cat. Take a look at him, and judge if he seems comfortable and settled in.

Has he found a new sleeping spot? Is he behaving like he always did or is he acting odd or different? Seems to enjoy his toys?

My experience is that you know your cat and you know when he's stressed out and unhappy. If he seems carefree and relaxed, then go for it.

As for territorial deputes, I'll leave that to someone who's more experienced then I am. I brought a new kitten home and kept her locked in my room for a few days while she and her new (much older) brother sniffed each other out from the doorway. When the brother was absolutely against that door being shut on him any longer I just let them work out on their own. There was some hissing and hiding, but otherwise they were fine.
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All of my cats tended to adjust to a new home in around a week or so.

When we got a new kitten we just let them duke it out. It took about another week for them to establish an equilibrium and now they're all cuddly with each other.
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