DC charities that pick up furniture donations?
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DC area (Arlington, VA specifically) charities that will come pick up furniture donations? Preferably alternatives to the Salvation Army?

I'm moving back to the west coast and will be getting rid of some furniture that I don't want to move - a futon, perhaps some end tables, a desk, and a bed/box spring/mattress set.

If we have to, we will take it out to Goodwill ourselves, but it would be fantastic if there were charities that could come pick it up. I've heard the Salvation Army does this, but after perusing their site a bit I A: didn't see that and B: am really annoyed that they spend a portion of their money on an anti-porn campaign.

Soooo, any alternatives would be much appreciated! Thanks!
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Response by poster: Sigh, I feel like an idiot because I post this and then realize that Goodwill in fact does do pickups - I couldn't find it on their national site, but the DC site mentions it.

In case anyone else has this question: http://www.dcgoodwill.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=36&Itemid=145
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Best answer: I know AmVets does pickups in Del Ray, so it would only make sense that they'd do pickups in Arlington.
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Best answer: Also, if you want to let others use what you're getting rid of, my sister (DC suburb) uses FreeCycle and has had great success getting stuff picked up by families that could really use it. She had a bunch of furniture and stuff for babies and toddlers, and two families came within the weekend and took everything. They had little kids and were really appreciative to get some good furniture that they wouldn't have been able to afford if they had had to pay for it.

If you're done using something, pass it on for someone else to enjoy!
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Best answer: A Wider Circle will also do pick ups.
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For those who find this later, Purple Heart (Military Order of the Purple Heart) will pick up.
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