Restoring Gel Coat
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I am prepping my old 18' catamaran for the summer and I would really like to restore the gelcoat finish on the fiberglass to a bright sheen. Can I use a regular buffing wheel, rubbing compound and wax that I would use on my car?

The hulls are your regular fiberglass hulls with an orange gel coat finish. The orange has faded, has dirt and water lines on it and I would like to try and clean it up. Does anyone have a suggestion on working with gelcoat finishes?
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Any of the 3M products will do the job. I think I've used muriatic acid as a "first" wash to lift out the oxidation. You can buff with a soft cotton pad, but be sure that the hull is very clean.
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check out this discussion regarding restoring gelcoat on the Boston Whaler discussion board.
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Gel-Gloss It's also available as an aerosol (but is more expensive that way), and at hardware stores. This stuff works really well on formica, too.
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