Help me resurrect my Xbox - for the 4th time!
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Anyone know of real E-74 error Xbox 360 fix?

My 360 just broke down for the 4th time. First RROD went back to microsoft. 2nd I paid to get it repaired. The 3rd time I fixed it myself with the whole move of putting in the washers and new thermal paste, etc to the CPU. It has worked fine for over a year but just died again.

The difference is this time I only get one red quadrant not the whole RROD. It's the one on the lower right if the xbox is vertical. Beforehand I got weird red banding while playing a game. The game still worked but graphics went wonky. Turned it off and it wouldn't restart but threw an E-74 at me.

Looking online I have seen people trying to heat gun the "ana" chip. Doing a penny something or other.

Does anyone know what might work? It seems many people think its the GPU and they just fix it the same as the full RROD - but I have already done that.

Any ideas? It's already way out of warranty.
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Go buy a new one. The new 360s is significantly more reliable. You're old one is hosed as you've already tampered with it using quick fixes that don't solve the underlying motherboard problem.
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This is what my husband did yesterday for the exact same thing, lower right quadrant red, E74 message - YMMV as this was the first time we've gotten the E74. He stuck bamboo skewers into the vents to stop the fans. When it overheated, he shut it off, and at the second restart, it worked. Now granted, he had to do it again a few days later, so it's not a permanent fix, but better than buying a new one right now.
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Not yesterday - a few days ago. He did it again yesterday.
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Are you sure it's out of warranty? Microsoft extended it to 3 years for consoles affected with E74.
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Are you sure it's out of warranty?

Any remaining warranty from Microsoft was voided when UMDirector opened the case himself to attempt a repair with washers and thermal paste.
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Response by poster: I purchased it in probably the first six months it was released so probably 2 years or so out of warranty.
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