Looking for Tiny Houseplants in Savannah
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I have the urge to build a small terrarium but have had little luck finding plants the right size in Savannah, GA. Where can I find small houseplants in the Savannah area?

I'm trying to add a tiny garden onto a limited window space at work. My quests for houseplants in the local area have generally come up with larger mature plants of three different varieties, or small succulents. I'm looking for a store or nursery that stocks a variety of plants and perhaps supplies in smaller volumes as well.
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Best answer: I'd get in touch with one of the local wholesalers I knew by reputation when I ran the greenhouses for a business like theirs. Ask who among their local clients would carry a good stock of tropicals in propagation-liner sizes.
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What about starting from cuttings from friends and neighbors?
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Best answer: Most succulents (and many other plants) can be split in various ways to provide tiny, new, viable plants. A cursory internet search for your plants of interest should have some info on splitting. You can use that knowledge to split purchased plants into terrariums sizes or you can use it to learn how to take cuttings from wild plants without harming them!
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Best answer: Check with Jane Fishman, she runs a plant swap, is into gardening too.

Places to try, Google for address and phone:
Uptown Gardening
Hester & Zipperer

Polks Market downtown might be able to help.
Also, try the Farmer's Market in Forsyth on Saturday Mornings
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Best answer: Seconding Hester & Zipperer. (Best name ever, IMO)
Also Olshieg (?) but not sure if they are just a wholesaler or open to the public.
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