Is my cabbage a boy or a girl?
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Please help us with French translation for an engraving on a wedding ring! Details inside.

We finally have decided what to engrave on Mr. DeucesHigh's wedding ring! From the beginning of our relationship we've jokingly used "chou" as a pet name, so what I basically want to say is "toujours ta (ton?) petit(e?) chou" I know that the noun "chou" (as in cabbage/pastry) is masculine, but since I am a woman and I'm referring to myself, should I use feminine markings?

Also, where should "toujours" go, after or before the main phrase? Does it matter, or can we pick whichever is "aesthetically" pleasing?

--Ms. DeucesHigh
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I would say "Ton petit chou pour toujours" (your little chou forever) or "Toujours ton petit chou" (still your little chou). Chou is masculine so you have to use the masculine markings.
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"ton petit chou pour toujours" or "pour toujours ton petit chou"

Since you can't put "chou" au féminin, everything stays au masculin. You can put the "pour toujours" before or after. I think the first form sounds better.

Bon mariage !
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Thirding, it has to stay in the masculine. I prefer ton petit chou pour la vie (for life), but toujours is fine too. Congratulations.
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I would suggest "à jamais" for a more poetic way to say "forever." So for instance, "ton petit chou à jamais." Or even "à tout jamais."
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I think "toujours" is better than "à jamais" in this case, though in general they are indeed synonyms – it's just that "à jamais" has the sense of "irrevocably"; a slight tinge of doom, if you will, whereas "pour toujours" has an innocent sweetness to it.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys, that was very helpful! We like "a jamais" but decided that having to leave off the accent grave would bug us too much... "pour toujours" it is!
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