Lodging in Reykjavik, Iceland
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Icelandlodgingfilter: My wife an I will be in Iceland for a week in late May and are looking for lodging. We're out of the demographic for loud noises and partying but like to get a feel of places that we visit.

I've seen questions on what to do in Iceland but nothing current for what I'm looking for. A combination of private facilities, good reviews, fairly quiet, and walking distance to the center of Reykjavik. Any recent experience would be helpful - or any mefites that run a place that might be attractive to a crowd that's not looking for a party.
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We stayed at Luna Hotel Apartments when we visited Reykjavik. We can't recommend them enough; great proprietors, great location, great space. We visited in 2006-2007, before the economic collapse--when having a kitchen was a smart thing for budget-conscious travelers. Really awesome place!
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If you venture to the north side of Iceland, you can stay in Kaldbaks-kot Cottages near Husavik (and the Penis Museum). Charming, magical, cozy.
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Apartment K.
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I stayed at Baldursbra Guesthouse. It was clean, pleasant, accommodating for my freakishly early arrival, and a short walk from pretty much anywhere in downtown Reykjavik. (To be fair, anywhere is a short walk from anywhere in downtown Reykjavik, but, hey.)
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Last spring we stayed for two nights at Apartment K before hitting the Ring Road. It was exactly what we wanted: a centrally located comfortable, modern apartment. I booked it a month or two in advance – there were multiple locations, sizes, and prices from which to choose. We ended up in a 1BR place on Hverfisgata. The only complaint I can think of is that this particular apartment was somewhat loud outside on the one weekend night we were there (it was fine on the previous night)... but I'd bet some of the other apartment locations don't have that issue. I'm sure they could advise as to the quietest location – you can find lots of good reviews for the various apartments on TripAdvisor as well. All in all, it was a perfect launching pad to wander around town. Have fun!!!
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AirBnB has accommodations in Reykjavik. We recently stayed in a lovely room in Barcelona through AirBnB and this will be our go-to web site for accommodations whenever we travel.
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Thanks for the responses. We (well, my wife) settled on Fosshotel Baron based on several criteria, not the least of which was a good deal, good reviews, schedule conflicts with some of the places recommended herein.

Thanks Mefites.
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