Does one need good grades to enter the Coast Guard?
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How much does GPA affect entrance into the Coast Guard?

I've heard very vague and conflicting things about entrance requirements to the Coast Guard and other armed forces. How hard is it to get in? How much do grades (in college) affect the probability of acceptance?
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If you are seeking an officer's commission, your college record is very important, although coursework and major are going to matter as much as GPA in the evaluation.

Enlistment, on the other hand, doesn't require any college at all. A college degree or significant credits should only help in most cases, absent something really disastrous on your transcript that indicates some serious work-ethic or judgment failings.
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You're going to have to take the ASVAB.

Your score on that will be more important than your college grades, unless, as MattD pointed out, you're looking for a commission as an officer. If you score high enough on the test and do well in boot camp they might offer some kind of officer training program.
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