Happy first birthday! I got you a Tjōlerfäger!
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I am in Canada and would like to acquire an Ikea gift card that can be used at an Ikea in Sweden.

My sister is moving to Sweden in June. My niece's first birthday is in May. Rather than get a gift that they would have to pack up and take with them, I thought a gift card would be a better idea. My sister likes the cute baby stuff that Ikea carries, and I know they will be able to find a location after they move. But I also know that Ikea gift cards are only good in the country they were purchased in. How can I get a Swedish Ikea gift card to Canada in the next 3 weeks?
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Why not get a Visa gift card and tell her to use it at Ikea.
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Best answer: According to this swedish customer service page you can buy a gift card in Canada for use in Sweden. You can also order one at presentkort@ikea.com or through their customer service at iksc.family.se@ikea.com.
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Visa gift cards come with a horrendous amount of fees. At least where I am, they do. I wouldn't recommend getting one of those.
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