Help me find the value of my sterling tea set. :)
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How do I find the value of a silver tea set?

I have an sterling silver tea set that was my grandmothers. The mark appears to be of Redlich and Company and says 3999 on all three pieces.
I can find a bunch of stuff on Redlich online but not this pattern and not this number.

Where do I go from here?
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It's worth whatever someone is willing to pay, unless you want to insure it. You could try contacting a professional appraiser, an auction house, Replacements Ltd, and There's also specialty forums, as the Antiques one on and the SMP Silver Salon, as well reference books on American silver.
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Selling it is the best way to find its value.

It's value will depend on the pattern. For a quick guide you can weight it with a springbalance, estimate the weight of the handles and deduct, then check it against the price of silver online. Unless it is a horrendously unfashionable pattern you'll get more than its scrap value, but the scrap value will give you a minimum.
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Google Redlich and Company and hit shopping
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