Best fine visual art on web?
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What is the most interesting fine visual art that has been made for the web? I am especially interested in experimental stuff that could never exist as a conventional painting or sculpture, and which can only be experienced online. Any examples appreciated!
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Rafael Rozendaal
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I don't have any specific examples, but if you are interested in art made specifically for the web you may want to keep an eye on Rhizome.
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- Ryder Ripps' Internet Archaeology and (Rhizome's intro here)
- Brad Troemel and Jonathan Vingiano's Blind Mist
- The State
- Barmecidal Projects' Free 4 All

Seconding polymath's reading recommendation for Rhizome, the defunct blog Post Internet, and perhaps Tom Moody's blog (gif discourse).
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Mouchette has been around forever, though it appears to be a grand practical joke.
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Interesting back story to
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Also around forever: Ben Benjamin's Superbad
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Swell Conceptual-Art messing with your browser window for the past 15 years or so:
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Lorna Mills does amazingly aesthetic art online - web art (mostly GIFs) designed to be viewed in the context of online interactions but breaking from the ideological constraints of early net art discourse. Plus it's often very funny.

ps - when you look at as ovvl suggests, be sure to click 'view source.'
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Rhizome is a pretty decent online archive of contemporary new media art. I don't have any specific links to what you're looking for, but it's a good place to begin your search for web-only art.
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Pardon my double repost of polymath's response. I didn't catch the previous post. Maybe a mod can delete both of my comments.
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