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Is there somewhere I can go online to discuss relationship questions, or to ask for advice? Which forums are best for getting someone else's perspective?

A few of my friends and co-workers read MetaFilter and I feel a little sheepish about asking for dating advice or blabbering about my love life.

I am in a bit of a predicament at the moment, and trying to sort out how I feel about a few different things. I would love to find a forum where I can spill my guts and have people give advice or tell me what they think. I think my questions would be too chatty for AskMeFi, and so I'm wondering if there are decent discussion boards when I can ask for help/advice (anonymously, if possible).

Suggestions? Thank you.
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I believe this is what sock puppets are made for!
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SomethingAwful Ask/Tell
A forum where people who share similar beliefs with you talk on a wide range of subjects.
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I like Reddit Relationships and similar subreddits.
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I think there are a few general approaches, and which one you take depends on your situation. One is to to try to find general-interest webforums, which I think are a minority of those out there. Other than metafilter, one I can think of offhand is the Ars Technica Forums, of which the lounge and velvet room are most relevant to you.

If you can find some common thread in your questions, such as shyness, coping with past abusive relationships, etc. then there are forums out there dedicated to such topics. Similarly, if you belong to some particular community, defined by religion, ethnicity, lifestyle, etc. then there are probably relevant forums where asking a relationship question would get a good response.

Lastly, you could just try to find a forum dedicated to a hobby or interest you have. Many of them have chat-oriented sections. You'd probably fit in best though with these sorts of forums if most of your postings were on the main topic of the site, and chatty questions a minority though.
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E/N Bullshit is the correct somethingawful forum if you happen to choose it.
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Love Letters

The column is a blog on the Boston Globe site. The letters usually get a lot of responses. The only issue I've found with it is that the commenters tend to have somewhat East Coast viewpoints and often give advice which may not play for people in other parts of the country.
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Thylacine: you're right. I don't know why I said A/T.
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SMF has good forums for relationship issues.
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