Which drinks for springtime?
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What are some seasonally-appropriate beverages for spring?

In the winter, its both traditional, and pleasurable, to drink hot cider, mulled wine, hot chocolate, glogg, eggnog, hot buttered rum, hot toddys, and dark strong beers.

For the summer, you have lemonade, iced tea, iced coffee, gin+tonic, mint juleps, sangria, pale beers, shakes, malts, and assorted fruity drinks.

Spring is such a nice season, it seems like there should be many drinks to go along with it. But all I can think of is 'shincha', which is a bit obscure outside of Japan. (Its the first harvest of green tea, taken around the time the cherry trees blossom.) And a few blogs mention wines like Riesling.

What else is there? Floral meads would make sense, but I've not heard of them being associated with the spring.
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A nice wheat beer (http://goo.gl/VfpJw) and a slice of orange always make me happy in the springtime. Of course, these are probably better known for their summer seasonality, but especially when it starts to warm up in the spring, I like to enjoy one of these--it helps to usher in the warmer days to come.
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St Germaine is an elderflower liquer that mixes deliciously with grapefruit and champagne and other tangy/citrusy ingredients. My favorite spring drink.

I also had a drink this week that was a lavender syrup of some kind mixed with vodka in a glass lined with very small bits of dried lavender and sugar. Couldn't drink more than one, but it was refreshing and delicious.

Though a Dark and Stormy is best when it is hot out, I think it could pass as a spring drink.
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Drinking mimosas outside once the local cafes start reopening their outdoor seating says "spring" to me.
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Fall has apple cider and other spicy things. In my experience, spring just gets the less-extreme summer stuff (lemonade, especially with strawberries, for instance.)

In general, it seems to me that because spring and fall are less consistent (weather-wise,) they have fewer food and drink traditions than winter or summer. I mean, iced tea and hot chocolate are practical drinks more than anything else.
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And of course the strawberry cucumber Pimm's Cup cocktail!
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I made some beautiful rhubarb syrup last year-delicious in soda water, or with gin and tonic and lime.
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The Rob Roy is one of those cocktails that have various seasonal incarnations, and for late spring or summer, the Dry Rob Roy is a perfect apertif/accompaniment to sunsets in longer days on Daylight Savings Time, fresh seafood grilled out, salads, spring soups, and fresh cream sherbets as desserts...
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Chanh muoi (Vietnamese salty lemonade)!
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Bock beers have a traditional association with the end of winter. Maibock, a lighter version, is probably closer to what you would be looking for.

A wheat beer is also an excellent selection as Robobrent suggested.
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My first outdoor drink of patio season is usually a Caesar. yummy, refreshing, yet sort of hearty, as well, to offset the fact that I'm generally anxious to start patio season, and it's still probably still a bit chilly out. this is probably a Canadian thing.
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More of a summer than spring drink, but I do like a Mint Julep or a Mojito. (Hey, in the Pacific NW we'll take every sunny day we can get!)
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Dog Fish Head Aprihop is my idea of a good spring.
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Michigan-based Bell's Beer has traditionally released their Oberon ale in the late-March, early-April timeframe.

Its actual release date is preceded by great excitement, at least among folks from Michigan, and a weird kind of mythology is woven into the day. A lot of prognosticating goes into when, exactly, the current year's batch will arrive. But, much like spring, they show up when they show up.

The sudden, jarring presence of a wall of shiny blue Oberon six packs in your local party store is as indicative of the season as a tree budding out with new flowers or robins rooting for worms in your yard. They sell out very quickly.
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1 part Aperol, 1 part DRIEST orange soda you can find, 3 parts fizzy - prosecco or cava. Serve in a wine glass (no ice). The Aperol is like Campari-lite - it has a little of the bitterness you get in Campari, but the orange comes through when you use a good dry soda. If it were more bitter or more sweet, either way it would go "summer" to me. Like this, well, seems like spring.

I also like 1 part ruby-red grapefruit juice and 3 parts fizzy over ice in a tall skinny glass with a straw. Had this at a painfully trendy hotel in Austin and went absolutely bananas for it. I find it very spring-y.
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I'm certainly going to try out a lot of these ideas, but what I'm really looking for are things that are concretely associated with spring, either through restricted availability, documented tradition or sheer popularity. So I marked as 'best answer' those that seemed to fit any of those criteria.
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Orange Blossom Cream Ale comes out in late March, I believe (at least it does around these parts), and it is very springy.
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