What weeds are these?
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I'm having some trouble identifying two weeds in my yard/garden.

I've checked the UC Davis Weed Gallery and the University of Wisconsin Weed Management website and I am coming up blank.

Offender #1. Image 1 and image 2.

Unfortunately I did not get a picture of this while it was still in the ground. It was growing in my vegetable garden among the chives. When I pulled it out I did not bring up any roots with it, just a long blanched stalk, which leads me to believe it's coming off a bulb or a rhizome. The leaf is triangular, glossy, and variegated and about 8-10 inches long. The plant itself was growing in a clump and it was about a foot high.

Offender #2. Image 1 and image 2.

This thing is growing where my lantana was last year. My neighbor has one coming up in her front yard as well (in a flower bed) but I haven't had a chance to ask her what it is. It reminds me of a thistle, but it's not spiny. The leaves are hairy, it's about 2 feet tall, and the flower heads look like they've got purple petals. I haven't pulled this one out yet because it's not in the way of anything and it might be something nice. But if it's invasive it's gotta go.

Pertinent facts: I live near Folsom, California. There are lots of birds so things get randomly deposited in my yard. And I'm usually really good about identifying weeds/plants.
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Best answer: Weed 1 is an Arum italicum.
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Response by poster: My hero! That one came up on the University of Wisconsin's website and it didn't look anything like what I pulled out so I dismissed it completely.
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Best answer: I would have guessed something from the mustard family (Brassica) for Weed 1... but just a wild guess.
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I would also suggest U of Missouri's weed id page as well. It helped me ID the wintercress growing in my yard this year.

From their site, I would say #2 is New England Aster which is only as much of a weed as you want it to be.

I thought it might be Chicory but the leaves are wrong and go too high up the stalk or possibly wild bergamot but the stem doesn't look woody enough. I wouldn't consider either of those a weed either as bees and butterflies are fond of both.
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Response by poster: Definitely not chicory or anything in the Monarda genus, I checked that pretty thoroughly. The leaves of the New England aster are wrong, but I'll have a look through the rest of the Asteraceae family.

And thanks for the link!
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Offender #2 looks like some kind of stock.
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Response by poster: I think stock is getting close. It's looking to be some sort of brassica. I opened one of the flowers on the corymb just now and there are four sepals and petals.

Flower head closeup.

Flower head from the side.

It might be a Hesperis matronalis but most of the images I'm finding of that have toothed leaves.

This is very frustrating. I think I'll probably pull it just it case it IS dame's rocket.
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Response by poster: Nevermind, I just noticed the leaves on my mystery plant are toothed as well.

I'm calling it Hesperis matronalis and I'm pulling it out today.

Thanks for the help everyone!
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Response by poster: Aaand when I pulled it out I noticed it had several friends in other nearby locations in my yard.

They're all gone now.

I planted a hop rhizome in the place it used to be.
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