iTunes for v8.0?
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iTunes doesn't want to sell apps to me anymore, and I'm hurt. Any help for a v8-er?

I can't update to v10, because I'm on an older mac running os 10.4.11. Was there some big announcement that I missed, or what? I've been looking at the Apple message boards without satisfaction. My emails to Apple Support have gone unacknowledged. Surely Apple hasn't decided t
hat all non-Snow Leopard users are unworthy of... what, handing over their money to Apple? Is there even a precedent for this, an online store that won't accept payment from less trendy user base?
Short version_ Version 8 iTunes user: any walk-arounds for me?
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You can upgrade for free to iTunes 9.2.1, which came out last June, or you can upgrade to OS X 10.5, which came out in 2007, for around $80 on eBay. Or borrow a 10.5 disc from someone--there's no copy protection or activation in the operating system.
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If your system meets minimum requirements, you can grab a copy of Snow Leopard for $29 from Apple ($49 for the "family pack", which I think gives you 5 installs).

there's no copy protection or activation in the operating system. Really? Is that for 10.5 or does that go for 10.6 as well?
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No version of OS X has had copy protection or activation. But 10.6 requires an Intel processor (aka a Mac manufactured since 2005) which I assume biddeford doesn't have since their computer was previously running 10.3, which came out in 2003.

Biddeford, the "big announcement that [you] missed" was the Apple-Intel transition in 2005. Apple continued to support PPC Macs right through OS X 10.5 and with iOS as late as the iPhone 4/iTunes 9.2. That's a long time to keep things working on outdated hardware. At some point you're going to have to bite the bullet and buy a newer computer if you want to be able to use new software.
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