Navigation without data connection on Android
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I used to have an app on my Nokia E71 that would allow me to set waypoints and then provide a distance and bearing back to that position using the phone's built-in GPS. You could store thousands of GPS waypoints, either by using your current location or by entering long-lat; and organise waypoints into groups. There was no need for any data access. Does something like this exist on Android (HTC Desire)? What I'm not looking for is an offline SatNav program like CoPilot or MobileNavigator.
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Check out GPS Status, which has a "radar"mode.
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Have a look in the market. You're not specifying that you want to work with offline maps. Just showing distance and bearing is rather easy and will be possible in many apps. Try GPS essentials, more specifically its dashboard.

I like the Mytrails app for its ability do display multiple tracks at once and download (on PC or on Wifi) all available maps (Google, MS, Yahoo, Openxx, Ovi, etc) for offline use. However, waypoints are just now being added.
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With locus you can download offline maps, and it supports GPS logging amongst many other things.
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there are a variety of offline mapping programs. locus is good. you can try Mapdroyd or you might try searching the android market for offline maps
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