I'm probably fucked.
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What is the best way for an US-based online poker player to obtain proof of their online bankrolls in light of the pending worldwide shutdown of FTP, Stars and AP?

Asking for a friend: I will not be transferring or cashing out my funds from PokerStars, FullTiltPoker and AbsolutePoker in light of the fact that my monies will likely be tied up or lost in payment processors if these sites shut down worldwide in less than 48 hours.

Given that, how can I best prove what my current balances are on each of these sites? I've emailed the sites and asked for email replies with my current bankroll on each, and taken screenshots of each of these as well.

Anything that I'm missing that might serve as greater evidence if I'm able to access any of these funds again in the near or distant future?
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When the feds locked up neteller, everyone eventually got their cash back, it just took a long time. If you trust a non-US citizen well enough, you can transfer to them and they can withdraw your money to a non-US bank. Until they shut that down. It took neteller a day or two to stop that.
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At the risk of sounding like your mom, you might not want to admit illegal gambling with a username attached. Whatever proof you might gather is meaningless - would you sue to get it back? If the powers that be will be refunding monies, their own records will be used to determine who had what, not screenshots or e-mails.
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