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I need a free alternative to 3D Studio, one that has a fairly similar interface.

I tried Blender a while ago and even though I went through some tutorials I wasn't satisfied with the learning curve. I simply don't have the time to learn how to use other software.
So I need something that is free (even for commercial use), and that a moderate user a 3D Studio can be productive with right away.
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pirated 3D Studio?

I mean, if you're using this commercially you should really shell out for a license and chalk it up as a cost of doing business, but if you don't have the time or inclination to learn another interface, you're pretty much left with no choice.
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Blender actually just got a new GUI a few days ago. It's a pretty substantial change, and has gotten good press thus far.

And then Sketchup is really nice for what it is.
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Wow, thanks for the heads up krilli! I haven't used Blender in a bit and I'm not religious about checking for updates so I probably would have been using the same old version until next year.
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If you have a valid .edu email address (or know someone who does, etc) you can download 3DS max with a free three-year license from autodesk's website.
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Response by poster: suedehead: can I use that legally to generate graphics for a game I plan to sell?
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If you are going to use a product to make money, then you should pay for said product in the first place.
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Softimage makes something called Modtools XSI, which is free. I'm not sure if you can release anything made with it commercially, or just for non-commerical mods. but it's free and the interface is very close to more popular 3D programs. I've used it on several occasions to make rudimentary models.
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Response by poster: hellojed: unfortunately this is what it says for the free version:

"Autodesk® Softimage® Mod Tool software (formerly XSI Mod Tool) is a free* 3D modeling and animation package for creating noncommercial games and "modding" (modifying games). Autodesk® Softimage® Mod Tool 7.5 is based on the same professional toolset found in Autodesk® Softimage® 7.5 software, used by game developers to create 3D characters, levels, props, and animation. "
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Response by poster: chairish, if I found something great for less than a hundred dollars, I would pay for it.
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Best answer: I found the free version of 3D Crafter to be easy to use, if lacking in polish and features.
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