What are the best 'visual novels'?
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What are some good 'visual novels'?

I really liked "Don't take it personally babe". I'd like to read more of these, especially ones that are structurally inventive and not just choose your own adventure. I'm not at all interested in dating sims or porn-y ones, which seem to be 80% of what's out there. Are there any good ones?
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They just started a TV adaption of Steins;Gate. It's pretty highly regarded.
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Response by poster: I'm talking specifically about this kind of visual novel.
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Have you tried Digital: A Love Story yet? It's by the same designer as DTIPBIJAYS, and the two games are much of a piece in the way they observe the social effects of technology.
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Interesting, I've never heard of these before.

Have you checked out TVTropes? They have a lengthy list of visual novels, most of which link to a lengthy rundown of the game and the tropes involved, as well as a list of associated tropes and genres, some of which are general but many of which pertain specifically to visual novels and include examples of what games employ them.
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Response by poster: Yeah, it's not hard to get a list of them, but so many of them look so terrible and I don't have any idea where to start in terms of finding opinions about them that I trust.
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Do you have a Nintendo DS? It has quite a few visual novel-style games available for it. Most of them have some adventure game elements as well, though, so they might not work if you're looking for "pure" examples of the form.

I would personally recommend the Phoenix Wright series, Hotel Dusk and Another Code: Two Memories. There's also the more recently released 999, which I haven't played but has received very positive reviews.

I don't know much about PC visual novels, but you might check out the PC game reviews at RPGFan. They have reviews of a few visual novels, some of which they have ranked very highly.
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Rise of the Dragon is a pc game from the 90's, and plays very much like a visual novel. It has a great, twisty, noir-detective plot and tons of atmosphere. It's getting a bit long in the tooth, but the story will really suck you in.
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Air Pressure is quite short and is well worth playing through a few times as you discover what it's about.
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Slightly off-track, but the world of IF has some ones more in this vein. Photopia in particular, which is quite a gem.
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