Where to find a stats person in Boston?
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Statistical analysis (for dissertation) in Boston? Help.

I am writing my dissertation (SLA/Applied Linguistics) and need help!

I am hoping someone here might be able to recommend a skilled and dependable individual (preferably in the Boston area) who I can hire to assist me with the statistical analysis of my data (ANOVA). It would be excellent if the same person could also do APA editing.

A simple query on Craig's List, Google, and various freelance websites, procures an overwhelming number of results. Thus, dear MetaFilter hive, can any of you personally recommend someone? Or, perhaps, you are that someone! Or, perhaps a lead of some sort...

I appreciate the help.
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You might try posting to Metafilter Jobs.
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Does your university have a statistics department? You could email the statistics department coordinator and ask if any stats phd students might be interested in some hourly work on your dissertation... This was not uncommon at my university / stats dept.
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