How can the NBA fine a coach?
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Lakers coach, Phil Jackson was just fined by the NBA for talking with the media about a possible lockout next year if the NBA and the players union don't finalize a new CBA. As part of the player's CBA or the ref's CBA they can fine those guys, but on what authority can the NBA as a league fine coaches, assistant coaches, and owners?
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they sign employment agreements that stipulate the league can fine them. In the case of the owners its part of the agreements they sign as part of the process of being approved to buy the team.

A corollary would be employment agreements that stipulate things like arbitration or non-competes.
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Or other sports with sanctioning bodies that can refuse your sanction. For example the IAAF or FINA might pull your competition sanction for a violation or refuse to grant a sanction altogether thereby negating chances for world rankings, records, team selections, insurance etc. I know in the case of FINA they also retain the right to strip an athlete or official of their eligibility should they be found participating in an event sanctioned by any other competing body. As the IOC won't deal with competing sanctioning bodies this consolidates their hold on the sport as a whole.

No one is going to jeopardize the Olympics or, in this case, next season or their entire career, on not toeing the line. Fines will be paid.
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Response by poster: I'm still confused. The employer in this case is the team. What arrangement is there between the league and an employee of the team? Is this documented anywhere?
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I don't know that the NBA makes these contactual agreements particularily public but I would imagine the stick here goes a little something like this:
-coach pays the fine or:
-the coach loses coaching eligibility
-next the club replaces the coach or loses their eligibility or perhaps entry into the draft

The league runs the games and you only get to play if you follow all the rules. It's not a free market.
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