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Do you know of any summer day camps in New York for an inquisitive, science minded 11 year old boy?

I'm looking for recommendations for any summer day camps, preferably in Brooklyn (but Manhattan is a possibility) that are a little more structured and project based, than a lot of the Y / Park Slope Day Camp style that prevails.

I am having a hard time because most of the camps I find that do more structured, themed stuff are for the little ones only.

I know its a horribly specific question - thanks in advance.
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There are lots of good options in the burbs, nearly all of which will offer transport from Brooklyn. I was never a science camp kind of kid, but they are def. out there.
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This is in the Bronx, but looks pretty awesome
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I work at a small K-6 school and many parents have had high praise for Robofun (they are also a popular after school program for us) and Science Teacher Sarah. Both are in Manhattan.

If you don't mind doing the phone and footwork, good resources would be NY Family and NY Metro Parents.

For next year, you may be interested in going to a camp fair where local camps have tables/displays (they had 2 in Brooklyn this year) and you can talk to the director and/or staff member at length about their program.
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