Whaaaaaaa? Can it be TRUE?
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Will Shortz' face as a crossword?

My crossword-fanatic friend was telling me tonight at the bar about a legendary crossword puzzle in which the black boxes formed a picture of Will Shortz's face. An epic amount of clues, a departure from the normal diagonal symmetry, this was supposedly in the New York Times a number of years ago. Google turns up nothing that I can find ---- DID THIS ACTUALLY HAPPEN? I neeeeeeed to see it!
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The Will Shortz portrait puzzle.
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Response by poster: YAAAAAAY.
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Art by Ken Knowlton.

Ken was a pioneer in computer graphics, and invented this style of mosaics; his art is probably worthy of a whole FPP in itself.
I had the pleasure of working with him at an internet startup in the late 90s, incredibly smart guy.
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