Green chile in my burgers, Green chile in my eggs. Green chile on enchilada. Green chile on my chicken legs!
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Where can I get New Mexico Chiles in Philadelphia?

I travel a lot between Philadelphia and New Mexico.

I want green chile in both places!
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Have you tried bringing frozen chiles from New Mexico to Philly? My auntie lives in Albuquerque and never travels far without a cooler full of Hatchy goodness. It is like the cherry on top of the sundae that is getting to spend time with her, let me tell you.
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I have -- but there are three problems with this plan:
1) I don't like to check bags on planes.
2) They don't last very long.
3) I'm not going back to NM anytime soon.
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I just flew back to Nashville from Santa Fe on Monday and I totally know how you feel. While I was there, I tasted a few jars of green chile and was pleasantly surprised by them. I really liked the flavor of the Santa Fe Ole brand green chile sauce. The medium wasn't hot at all - kind of like what you'd get on a Blake's Whataburger. I like it hot but I'll take flavor over simple heat any day. Looks like you can order that from a few places. Maybe next time you are there, pick up a few jars to try. And you can also order fresh chile straight from the farms in Hatch. I haven't tried that yet but will have to next year when my parents move from NM.
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I can tell you that at some grocery stores you can find Hatch brand chiles in the same aisle with Mexican foods. They come in cans and are usually a little more expensive (sometimes double the price, in fact) than any other brand of canned green chiles but they really are much better. If I can find them in Minnesota, you should be able to track them down in Pennsylvania.
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If you can't get frozen, the best price you can get is for the Trader Joe's private label Hatch chiles. They're 79 cents a can, at least in Chicago.

Another option is to see if your local Whole Foods will order in frozen Bueno chile. You'd have to order by the case. They won't do this for me in Chicago, but I believe that some stores on the East Coast will.

Ordering frozen online is another option, but shipping is insane.

/New Mexican expat
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Pssst! Trader Joe's private label green chile = Bueno Foods.
Don't tell them I told you!

Really, other than TJ's, you've gotta smuggle your own. Canned is TOTALLY inadequate.
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Hatch Chile
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The website for Biad Chile won't be up and running until the end of the summe, but I suggest you bookmark it now in anticipation, as Biad sells the incomparable NuMex Heritage 6-4.
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The stretch of ninth street (considered the Italian Market) between Catherine and Federal streets should do you well. There are actually even more small Mexican groceries than Italian ones. They have a great variety of chiles, sauces, cheeses, and way more. There's also one at 10th and Washington that's really amazing. You can buy freshly made tortillas and nopales at the same time!
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My family (NM natives) order pounds of Hatch chiles directly from the source every year and have them shipped here to the DC area. They show up quickly and freshly and deliciously and... mmmmm green chiles.
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All this chile talk is making me hungry. I think I'll break out some of the Hatch I have in the freezer and whip up some green chile chicken enchiladas for dinner tonight.
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Bueno mail-orders their fresh-packed green chile. The shipping can be pricey, but the quality is superb.
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Try the Italian Market, as troublewithwolves suggested. I'd also check out Spice Terminal and Jonathan Best, both in Reading Terminal Market. I can't vouch for them for sure, but both tend to carry that kind of speciality item.
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Onhazier, recipe plz? I always used Hatch green chile enchilada sauce, but I can't anymore because it has wheat. I can make a red sauce, but not a green one.
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