Aloha bartender!
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The Dr. Mrs. Strangelove and I's favorite late 20-something female bartender is leaving for warmer pastures (Hawaii from San Diego): what is a good going away gift for her?
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I've never been offended by large gifts of cash.
posted by joannemullen at 6:32 PM on April 13, 2011

Response by poster: We could draw on the cash to make it personal...
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How much are you looking to spend?

If it's up around $100, how about a gift certificate for a sunglass dealer (i.e. sunglass hut) so she can pick out some sweet shades?
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If she's moving to Hawaii, how about snorkeling lessons or gift certificate for surfing lessons. That would be awesome!
posted by Sweetmag at 6:57 PM on April 13, 2011

Unfamiliar Fishes
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(And if reading's not her bag, check out the credits on the Audiobook!)
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Perhaps a cache of KI tablets?
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I second a cash or cash-like gift. Having extra $ when you get to your new place really comes in handy. I'd not get a sunglasses gift card considering San Diego isn't exactly a non-sunny locale. What San Diegans tend not to have are umbrellas.
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Unfamiliar Fishes!! what a great, appropriate gift, and also a great place to tuck some cash or some sort of gift card. though, cash is great if "extra-large going-away tip" is what you want to give her, otherwise no cash, and a gift, if "personal gift" is what you're going for. that book will be entertaining and relevent (I'm going on reviews alone, my copy just arrived today and I haven't got a chance to tuck into it yet). Honestly....if it's not about money, maybe a ukulele might be a cute idea. They're pretty cheap and are fun to play!

Oh, and Sweetmag's idea is great. surfing lessons are way better than any of my ideas.
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That book about fishes, inscribed with "So long and thanks for all the drinks!", with a fifty inside should go down pretty well.
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