What to get best friend moving to Baltimore
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My super awesome 27 year old best friend/ roommate is moving to Baltimore at the end of next month. What would be a good present to get her for the move?

She's very artsy. And loves cheeseburgers. She won't have a car for a while. I was thinking of getting her a few Groupons. Any other suggestions of books or must haves for the area?

She has the Wire.

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Membership to the Creative Alliance?
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The Creative Alliance suggestion is a good one! I was thinking a gift card to Atomic Books, a Charm Card for public transit, or a gift membership to the American Visionary Art Museum or the Walters. And tell her to check out Fluid Movement.
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A gift set of John Waters movies!

Fun John Waters' Baltimore link.

Because when I think of Baltimore, I think of Pecker and Hairspray. :)
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Charm Card or a Zipcar membership?

Gift certificates to the Charles Theatre? (possibly only available through the box office, although if you call and ask they'd probably mail them).
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Twilight of the Assholes by mefi favorite Tim Kreider! Also, tix to a Charm City Rollergirls bout!
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Maybe a cleaning service to take care of her old place after she moves or the new place before she moves in? I would LOVE that!
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woah, don't know how I messed up that CCRG link. Should go here...
Charm City Rollergirls
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I second the membership to the American Visionary Art Museum. It's an amazing place unlike any other museum I've ever been to. If she likes crime shows, you could also give her box sets of either The Wire or Homicide: Life on the Streets (both set in Baltimore).

Also, it's not a gift per se, but if she likes rock music, have her check out this episode of WBEZ's Sound Opinions. They did a piece on the up and coming rock scene in Baltimore!
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Baltimore: Then and Now is a pretty neat collection of historic and modern photos of Baltimore. Also, Your Maryland on WYPR is a great collection of historical shorts about (mostly) Baltimore.
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Insiders Guide to Baltimore
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Thank you so much everyone!!! This is great!
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