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Hard-driving techno/electronica/beats&breaks workout music at 124 - 128 beats per minute?

Best workout music example for me is the Prodigy's "Spitfire."

According to my timing, Spitfire runs at about 124-128 beats per minute. Please name some other tracks for my workout mix that suits this description.
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I'm not sure if this will help you, but you can calculate the BPM of any song here. It might help you find songs you already have that fit your criteria...
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I go this program and analyzed the bpm of everything I own. Then I was able to create custom exercise playlists, even including slower warmup playlists.

*very occasionally, the program is wrong, but I just skip those or try to remember to take them out.
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Best answer: www.steady130.com might have some select tracks for you to try out.
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Best answer: I made a mix just for you! (not really). But it starts at 125 and ends at around 128.

Also, go to beatport and browse the 'progressive', 'electrohouse', 'tech house', 'techno' and 'minimal' genres. Pretty much all of them are going to be in that range.

Most of the progressive or house mixes at mixriot will be in that bpm range.

The essential mix on radio 1 as well as Pete tong's Essential Selection are both usually around that speed, maybe in the low 130s.
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Response by poster: OK, steady130.com just became my new favorite toy. And thanks, empath, too!
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Do you have an iPhone or any IOS device? There are apps available that allow you to change the BPM of your non-DRM'ed files.

There's probably something like this available for android as well.

My wife is a fitness instructor and has made use of one of the IOS BPM-altering apps (Tempo Magic) and is happy with it.

I am in no way associated with Tempo Magic or any other app like it.
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You might also want to check out the PodRunner podcast. All of the episodes are titled with BPM.
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Depending on what your preference for music is, you may also want to check out "happy hardcore remixes" or just "hardcore remixes" of "insert popular song you like here" on various music/video sites to get an idea of artists or check to see if there are available downloads of covers of songs you listen to at their normal speeds but already remixed to the BPMs you are looking for.
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Happy hardcore is 175+ bpm, fyi.
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