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My wife and I need to merge all 4 of our various calendars into one. We'd like it to be web-based and allow both of us to make entries into the calendar. Password protected would be nice, too.

We dont currently own PDAs, but we might someday - so I guess we're also looking for the ability to synch up multiple users.
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Yahoo Calendar?

Apple iCal with .Mac or a WebDAV for synchronization?

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I use this. Allows multiple users, password protects. Simple, easy.... requires php/MySQL.
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Use a mac? iCal comes free with the OS and allows shared calendars over the web using Apple's .mac service or one's own WebDAV server.
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I use backpackit. Cheaper than basecamp and works with iCalender.
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Best answer:
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Some of you aren't reading the question carefully. He's looking for the ability for two or more people to edit the same calendar data. Which, speaking as an iCal user, iCal doesn't do: you can subscribe to one another's calendars, but I don't believe you can edit one another's calendars.

And I'd sort of like to be able to do this too.
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Best answer: I should probably post more than just the link. is web-based, both of you can make entries to it, and it's password protected.

It's designed to facilitate overlapping social groups, so will expand to more than the two of you, and events can be categorised in order to determine whose calendars they'll be included in, so you can have a category for self-notes that won't clutter up the other persons calendar. etc.
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mcwetboy, iCal Exchange?
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You should be able to use Sunbird instead of iCal, plus a WebDAV server. The downside is that Sunbird (on the Mac, anyway) can be horrendously slow.
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I currently use what oaf is suggesting, Sunbird and WebDAV (hosted on my XP machine at home), using for my hostname. The calendar file (*.ics) is stored on the WebDAV share, so can be used by many people at different locations.

The security is handled by Windows. The only downside is that Sunbird is in alpha and it shows...tons of bugs. But for me, it is a workable solution. Of course you don't have to use Sunbird, any combination of iCal compliant apps will work.
posted by SNACKeR at 1:17 PM on May 5, 2005 claims to do this.

I've been looking for a free, reliable way to do this and I'm not sure it exists, unless you just run a web application on a server and create accounts for two people.

The syncing is what gets you. Why couldn't 37 signals make *this* product?
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