Need a Better iPhone Protection Solution
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I want a dock-ready iPhone 4 case with a holster that will be protective but not overkill. Recommend me one?

I got an iPhone 4 in February. Imagine my surprise that my beloved Speck ToughSkin case was not yet available for the iPhone 4. I had that case with my iPhone 3G and my video iPod and loved it. I heard it would be released soon, but that it has been redesigned and will not work with my dock now.

I liked the ToughSkin because it was durable yet flipped open at the bottom so that I could use a dock, and it came with a holster. I used the holster not for the belt clip, but as a hard screen protector, on top of an InvisibleShield screen protector. It was useful in my purse with my keys et al flying about. The clip doubled as a stand, which was nice but not necessary.

I've been using an OtterBox Defender for the past two months and kind of hate it. It is way overkill; I don't like the silicone screen cover (it never seems clean and doesn't always react to my touch) and all the flaps (but have not yet cut all of this off), and it's ugly (even in comparison to the monster-truck-tire-looking ToughSkin), plus it doesn't work with my dock. To get it on the dock means removing the whole case, all three sections.

I've done Amazon store searches and looked at a lot of cases online already. All the cases that come with holsters that I've seen are these heavy-duty, multiple-section cases that don't allow dock access.

So I would like a dock-ready case that will provide some protection against bumps/drops and has a nice grip. I would also like a removable hard screen protector, like a holster or an external case. These don't have to be sold together, but they obviously have to fit together. I would like to spend less than next month's cell phone bill purchasing it.

I am looking for recommendations from those who have something like this that works, or reviews of products that you've used.
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I've used/scoped tons of cases and have basically never seen what you're describing, but I'd like to try to get you to consider something without this "hard screen protector" component. If you have a regular screen protector on your phone already it's difficult for myself, as someone has owned every model of iPhone, to see scenarios where it would really matter, short of dropping the phone directly onto the screen from a height.

If you move past that I'd recommend any of the cases from SwitchEasy, with the Capsule Rebel probably offering the best protection. If you still would like a "hard screen protector" maybe consider one of the many sleeves availible for iPhones. They would serve a similar function as to what you describe.
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Forgot to mention the dock part. Their cases come with dock adapters for the universal dock
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Yes, I am interested in sleeves but also a case, and am concerned that the iPhone plus a grippy case will be too large for most of the sleeves. I was hoping someone had experience with a combination that works.

The screen protector does keep it from scratching permanently, but my phone rides around in my purse with my keys and my pens, etc. I've noticed that, without something covering the screen, the regular screen protector gets scratched and dirty pretty quickly. I would like to avoid that. The Apple phones just look and feel delicate to me without protection.
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Well, if anyone is checking here for an update at some point in the future, let me tell you what I settled on:
I bought a Speck PixelSkin HD case mostly because I liked the design. It does fit my dock. I also use a regular screen protector. This is for basic protection while in use.

Then I also bought a Splash Mohawk II case with a belt clip. The phone in the Speck case slips right inside- there's plenty of room but it's not too bulky. Or maybe it's just the right kind of bulky, versus the industrial bulkiness of the Otterbox. It still protects my phone while it's riding around in my purse.

So, that's what I've got now.
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