Passport "Sleeve?"
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I'm looking for a hard passport case that is designed to hold nothing but my passport, sort of like a sleeve made of thin metal or rigid plastic, and I'm imagining the passport just sliding in and out. Does this even exist?
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Clear plastic passport cover. I don't know if this is sufficiently "hard."

Here's another. I can't figure out what the material is.

People in this thread recommend against a metal case because of airport metal detectors. However, someone links to this metal passport holder from Sweden. Not clear how you would buy it or whether it's still available.
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Why are you looking for something rigid? Leather ones are pretty decent, from my experience. Here's one with RFID blocking. Here are a whole bunch of options that have either the "cover" style or the "slide-in, slide-out" style.

My suspicion is that you might be able to make these options more rigid by inserting a thin sheet of plastic (or whatever) into the cover.
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I want something that will keep my passport from getting bent in my bag while not making it any thicker or bigger to deal with.
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It looks as if this is exactly the kind of thing you're describing, but unfortunately it's not available. Maybe you could email the company to see if there's an odd one in stock somewhere.
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Get a standard passport holder. It will be made of anything from vinyl to leather. Now inside of it, place 2 pieces of plastic so that the passport is sandwiched. THAT will accomplish what you want.

Otherwise, its going to be really hard to find the exact case you want.
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I don't think that a passport should be carried in a bag to begin with; during international travel I always carry my passport in my shirt pocket. Even if I also carry my luggage with me, rather than sending it to a luggage compartment, I prefer to have more immediate access to my passport. I also made my own custom designed passport envelope, out of cardboard laminated with wrapping tape to make it waterproof (since my main concern was not that the passport would be bent, but that it would get wet if I was exposed to bad weather). This has worked perfectly for me.
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Try this guy from GO Design:
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Scratch that last one - no longer available.

Here ya go: Witz Passport Locker.
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