Help me write up a summary of QA/Vendor Relationship Management Work Experience in Plain English
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I'm trying to update my resume to include my work on a website redesign/migration project. How can I summarize my responsibilities/accomplishments so that it emphasizes my work doing Project Management and Vendor/Contract Relationship Management, not QA and bug tracking.

Laid off from a contract project where I was working on behalf of a consulting firm with helping a energy industry organization update their website and migrate the homegrown CMS into a standard product. Now that the dust is settling, I'm updating my CV both for moving forward and also to review my Lessons Learned from the project.

My big realization is that while I'm good at low level/non developer IT work (I've done SEO, tech writing/editing, CRM admin, and metadata development), I'm pretty bored with it. I'm not mentally challenged by it anymore. Just as a side note, I'm one of those people who responds to questions about the merit of getting a MLIS. I have one and while it's been more interesting/lucrative to use those skills in non-library settings, the past year has been brutal for finding sustainable work (this is my 2nd layoff).

In this last project, I worked with the organization's business group. While I spent a lot of time working with them to identify bugs from the migration and log/track them in JIRA, I don't want to summarize this as doing QA. More of my time was spent on making sure that the contract deliverables/business requirements were incorporated into the test (product development?) process.

One of the challenges was the developers (another 3rd party company) kept trying to drive the project based on technical requirements. Worst case scenario is that the people I worked with would end up with a final product where they had overlooked some of the requirements written into the original project. Communication was uh, not always easy in this situation and I frequently had to be diplomatic and firm with this other firm in order to make sure the client's business/contract needs were met. I also reviewed the User Test Plan, Business Requirements, Contract Milestone Breakout, and Developer's Initial Set of JIRA tickets for features and reconciled all of them. Prior to tackling these separate items, I'd sit in project meetings and hear different people/responsibilities discuss the project from their (technical/business/network/design) perspective and think that they were representing the entire scope of the project.

Anyways, rather than "Did QA Work; Logged Bugs; Used JIRA" I'm trying to figure out how to summarize these responsibilities in a more general/project management sort of way. Any thoughts or maybe examples of resume text for this type of work. The IT part of it is honestly not as important to me as demonstrating my project management and managing vendors/contracts.
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I'll give you a suggestion that was recently given to me by a senior HR manager - don't fill the resume with responsibilities, but turn some of them where possible into achievements.

While the advise looked vague at first, this was reinforced many times during interviews.

Instead of "Logged bugs into JIRA", use language like "Formalized defect management process in the organization and standardized on JIRA to log 1300+ bugs discovered during migration. Other helpful statements (from your question) can be:

- Liaison between Business groups and It to ensure that migration of key Business Software from legacy platform was completed with less than 5% defects in production
- Managed vendor development team of 20 to ensure adherence to product requirements
- Conducted Validation sessions for Requirements, Milestone Tracking, Test artifacts to ensure alignment to Business needs

You get the picture - step back and take a high level view of what you did. Under no circumstances should you think them of as "activities", but as changing the project from one "state" to an improved state.
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