How to write better telemarketing scripts?
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Can you recommend some resources to help me learn how to write fantastic outbound calling (telemarketing/teleprospecting) scripts?

This week my "real job" responsibilities expanded to include writing outbound calling scripts for a small B2B telemarketing and teleprospecting team--and I'm flummoxed. Supporting field sales has given me an understanding of selling/sales process, and I'm an experienced copywriter, but thus far my outbound scripts take forever to write and aren't particularly effective.

Any ideas on how/where to get help? Sample or templated scripts for "standard" calls such as requesting contact information or following-up on a conference/webinar would be super-helpful in addition to some general "how to" from the trenches.

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I'm with Bill Hicks on this one.

But seriously, if you're doing cold calls, you're working for a company that's doing it wrong. Marketing should alert people that your product is out there, and the value of the product should sell itself from there. When I used to be in middle management, cold calling was an automatic disqualification. I would recommend doing market research to find out why you guys are having to turn to cold calling. And if there's some upper level management pushing to get your numbers up, fire them before they destroy your brand.
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