Everest Documentaries?
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Movies, documentaries, and TV shows about high-altitude mountain climbing (such as Everest)?

In order to feed a newfound passion, I'd love to see anything you found particularly interesting or informative. I'm really interested in the technical aspects of the climb like safety systems, gear, and things of that nature.


Thanks :)
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David Breashears did a documentary (with reenactments) about an ill-fated climb. It aired on FRONTLINE and you can buy a copy here: ShopPBS.

It's not available on the site anymore, because we only licensed it for streaming for two weeks. But you can watch an excerpt.
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Best answer: Everest Imax!
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Salathe - Blood Sweat And Bagels--Yosemite, not high-altitude

Beyond Gravity

Dark Glow of the Mountains
--Werner Herzog on Reinhold Messner
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I found Everest: Beyond the Limit very interesting and informative. But I know nothing about mountain-climbing so I don't know how accurate it is.
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Touching the Void is a great book/film about a mountaineering expedition. It's not really high altitude, but it is a big ass, dangerous mountain and shit goes badly.

2nd anything by David Breashears.

There's a lot of stuff on Youtube, some clips from professional filmmakers, others by armatures on recent climbs.

Everest: Beyond the Limit was a reality show that followed an expedition, with typical reality show heroes and villains. It was interesting but it mostly just made me angry over what Everest has become.

K2 is a fictional movie about a climb on, well, K2. It is laughably bad.

A lot of the earlier expeditions to Everest made films along the way. If you have a local climbing gym they might have a film library with some of them on DVD.

Look into old episodes of Nova and National Geographic. They've all done quite a few shows on climbing big peaks.
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I'm really interested in the technical aspects of the climb like safety systems, gear, and things of that nature.

I know you asked for moving images, but I bet you will enjoying reading Freedom of the Hills.
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Best answer: Also, if the Banff film festival comes to your town it's usually worth checking out a night or two.
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I went through a similar phase a couple of months ago -- devoured anything and everything I could get my hands on related to Everest.

As other have mentioned, the Discovery series Everest: Beyond the Limit was enjoyable, as was the Breashears Frontline special (many of these are available on Netflix streaming). Jon Krakauer's Into Thin Air is a good book about the 1996 Everest disaster.

I also really enjoyed Touching the Void, which is about a climbing accident in the Andes. It's probably the most technically accurate of any of these.
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Its a book, but still might interest you anyway - Not Without Peril
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As for fictional movies, probably the most accurate one in terms of climbing scenes, in fact one of the only accurate ones, is The Eiger Sanction. It's old school, with Clint hammering in pitons, but it's pretty good.

Cliffhanger, K2, the made-for-TV Into Thin Air, and so many others are very, very bad.
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I started watching Vertical Limit last night... it's really awful but weirdly entertaining at the same time.
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nthing Everest: Beyond the Limit.
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The Wildest Dream
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The North Face (Nordwand) is a great historical drama about the WWII-era race to be the first to climb the north face of the Eiger peak in Switzerland. I highly recommend it.

Also I watched at least 2 seasons of that Discovery Channel series on Everest mentioned above. There are some annoying "characters" involved but I think you do probably get a good sense of the skill and danger involved.

Also n-thing the Breashears episode of Frontline, along with Krakauer's book "Into Thin Air" - both about the same ill-fated expedition in '96.

(I watched and read a lot about Everest a couple years ago. I have ZERO interest in trying to climb it, but I do really want to make the trek to base camp just to get a good close loot at it!)
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nthing Everest: Beyond the Limit

It's three seasons: I really enjoyed the first 2 seasons, as you deal with mostly the same people. The third season changed things up, and I found it not nearly as compelling.
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yeah I guess everybody here know's about "Touching the Void", but it's seriously a great movie!
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