Sorry about your car - here are some cookies?
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Any good 'sorry your car got broken into' gifts?

So, our neighbor's car was broken into last night--nothing was in the car, but a broken window sucks. We had our (house) window open, so my SO heard the window break, but in his slumber didn't associate it with what happened until our doorbell rang. He feels terrible, but I know that there's nothing we could have done.

Our neighbor's a bit younger than us (we're mid 20's, he's early 20s) and mentioned that he'd just gotten a flat that morning as well. The SO and I would like to do something to help him out, but I'm at a loss as to what sort of gesture or gift would be appropriate/neighborly. Or should we just let it go? I thought the hive mind would offer its usual sage advice :)
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Obviously this calls for a case of Fat Tire.
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Assuming he is insured, it's going to cost him his comprehensive deductible, which is probably $100. Invite him over for dinner if you want to do something nice.
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(I would use a sharpie to change it to Flat Tire)
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A new window and a new tire would be pretty great.

Something a little more feasible, though; offer to entertain him (take him to a movie, out to lunch or something) while the car is in the shop. It takes a few hours to replace a window, and being stuck at the shop (since you don't have your car to take you away from there) is a major bummer.

(Also, have him cover the window in the meantime with a garbage bag and tape to keep the elements out. If you draw a big frowny face on the garbage bag in marker and write "I AM SAD BECAUSE I AM BROKEN," people will be nice to him all day long and other drivers on the road won't honk at him so much. I know this from personal experience.)
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A basic AAA membership is around $50. A little pricey, but easily best way to change a flat on the side of a busy freeway in the middle of a storm.
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If my car got broken into and someone bought me this, I would love them forever.
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I had my car broken into and what annoyed me for the longest time was the little bits of glass I kept finding everywhere, even after I vacuumed. I had a complete detailing done that included a thorough shampooing of the carpets and that stopped it.

Maybe a nice interior detailing would be a nice gift.
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A hula girl for the dashboard for when the car gets fixed up again. Hula girls scare away bad omens.
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Duct tape would be useful.

Honestly, when our car got broken into last year, all I wanted was some strong whiskey to get that icky "violated" feeling to go away.
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If he doesn't have a ride how about driving him to and from the repair place? Maybe its not a good enough gift but depending on where you live it could be really helpful.
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Anything more than cookies for a broken car window is going to be overkill, in my book.
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seconding sandra s. only a professional can really get all that glass out. it's a thoughtful gift.
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